101 Winning Chess Strategies by Angus Dunnington

By Angus Dunnington

With out process, a chess video game is simply a sequence of tactical methods. an exceptional method binds jointly the strategies, and allows a participant to make methodical growth in the direction of victory.This e-book makes certain you'll by no means be in need of successful ideas. Angus Dunnington makes use of his decades of chess enjoying and coaching to supply an arsenal of rules that may be hired in lots of different types of place. those plans were confirmed in lots of grandmaster video games, so that you could be convinced that through the use of them your video game may be soundly dependent.

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20 . . b5? g6 ! �h3!? �dfl , preparing f4-£5, was also possible as after 2 1 .. 'lWh2 ! £5 ! �xd4 with an initiative in the endgame. 2 1 . b5 deserves attention. a3 ! �b6 (22 . . lLla2 ! b4 with the idea 23 . . £5. �d3 b 5 This leads to a sharp endgame, which is objectively better for White. �d4. �xd6 ttJxf4 2 5 ... ttJxb5 �c5? The best chance was 26 ... a5 ! �d7 lLlh3! ltJd6 �f8 looks unconvincing for White as his g5-pawn falls. ltJd4, 9 ... ttJ xd4 The immediate 9 . . �e6! has very rarely been used by grandmasters in recent years.

20J3d3! The standard reply. f5! •• ••. It is very useful for Black to advance his h­ pawn in this early stage of the game, because otherwise later White might have had the opportunity to place his rook on h3. 13 ... b6 A dubious move. Now the black queen is getting in trouble. �d4! ctJcS What else? 1"1ab l ! with a strong attack for White in Sulskis - Sutovsky, Koszalin 1 995. h3 Forced. i,g4 h3! lhh3 l"1xh3! Yes of course! With an open king White will have a lot of trouble in the future. gxh3 bS� and Black is doing very well.

0-0?! a4! with the ideas 1 1 . eS ! h6!? 0-0. "Dangerous" according to Botvinnik. (Krutikhin - Botvinnik, Moscow Spartakiad 1 963, continued 1 1 .. \Wxh6 'Ll cS 1 3 . cxb3! b4! and White created some pressure. After this experience of struggling for half a point against his not too famous opponent, the 6th World Champion simply stopped playing the Dragon) 12. xg7 �xg7. 0-0-0 b4 { 1 3 ... eS ! exdS , then Black has 1 6 ... ) 1 4 ... h4! \Wxb4 he4°o, followed by 1 6 ... a8 and 1 7 ... eS) I S ...

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