50 Test de Ajedrez (Ejercicios) by Abel Segura Fontarnau

By Abel Segura Fontarnau

El libro attempt que tiene en sus manos pretende conseguir como objetivo divertir aprendiendo, a los angeles vez que, con los angeles realización de cada uno de los 50 assessments que lo componen, sirva al lector para que pueda auto-evaluarse el nivel de conocimientos que tiene del ajedrez. Principalmente, los angeles obra va dirigida a cualquier aficionado c

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Gxf3 f6 55 Diagram 58 Position after 15. f6 Even a quick look at this position confirms that White is playing virtually a piece down. Freeing his bishop will cost White at least a pawn and several tempi. Black now turns his full attention to the queenside, where he plans to use his “extra” piece. While there can be little doubt as to the eventual success of this simple but effective plan, Capablanca’s instructive technique does make it look deceptively easy. 16. Kg2 a5 17. a4 Kf7 18. Rh1 Ke6 19.

Qxd4 Qh5! 31. Bg3 Bxc1 32. Rxc1 Qe2 Diagram 32 Position after 32. Qe2 Black equalizes material and continues his attack. Now Black’s threats against g2 become serious. 33. Bf2 Qxa2 34. Qe3 No help is 34. Ra1, as after 34. Qc2 White can’t take on a7. 34. a5 Activating another of Black’s assets. 35. Re1 Rf6 36. Re2 Qd5 35 Diagram 33 Position after 36. Qd5 Another mate threat on g2! It’s clear that Black’s prediction of mate on g2 was not an empty threat. 37. Bg3 a4 38. Rd2 Qc4 39. h3 As 39. Rd8+ Kf7 promises White nothing, he makes luft for his king.

Nd6 Diagram 30 Position after 24. Nd6 24. Rxd6! This Exchange sacrifice gives Black an extra pawn, two bishops, a passed pawn, a strong attack, and a much better game. 25. exd6 Bxd6 26. Bg3 The move 26. g3 fatally weakens the light squares around White’s king. Black would attack with ... Qe8-Qh5-Qd5 — possibly followed by ... Qg2 mate! 26. h5 Diagram 31 Position after 26. h5 27. b4 34 If White tries to stop 27. h4 by first playing 27. h4 himself, Black would reply 27. Qg6. With a lingering threat of checkmate on g2, Black would capture the pawn on f4 for free.

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