8 Minute Meditation: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life. by Victor Davich

By Victor Davich

In recent times, mainstream americans have all started to return round to meditation in an immense way-and clinical experiences are suggesting that the actual and psychological merits are sturdy and actual. yet to many, it is still whatever mystical and inaccessible...and spiritually-oriented tomes out there don't do a lot to make it more straightforward.

As curiosity in meditation keeps to develop, this e-book bargains an easy, no-nonsense application to aid rookies adventure lowered rigidity and elevated concentration in just 8 mins an afternoon. Designed by means of meditation professional and bestselling writer Victor Davich, this software teaches the fundamental ideas of meditation whereas clearing up the misconceptions and myths that too frequently get within the manner.

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Meditation is about allowing the world in, not shutting it out. Most people think meditation can only be done properly in absolute silence, preferably on a mountaintop, far removed from o u r noisy, crass, everyday w o r l d . But that's just not true. Remember o u r definition of meditation? " And it includes car alarms blaring, children laughing (and screaming), and your neighbor's stereo blasting hip-hop. In meditation, we treat all outside intrusions exactly the same way: We welcome them, w i t h o u t any judgments or attempts to mute or muffle them by donning actual or " m e n t a l " sunglasses, earplugs, or nose clips.

There are no hidden agendas, Buddhist or otherwise. * E n l i g h t e n y o u . Enlightenment is a w o r d indiscriminately bandied about by everyone f r o m N e w Age gurus to softdrink p r o m o t e r s . Your 8 Minute Meditation program is MEDITATION 101 31 about meditation. D o n ' t w o r r y about enlightenment. Just relax and meditate. * A s k to be your g u r u . Some teachers say that you can't meditate effectively w i t h o u t a guru or master to teach you. I disagree. Everything you need to begin to meditate is right here, in this book.

H e l p y o u o v e r t h e r o u g h spots. The unique burning concern, issue, or d o u b t you have has m o r e than likely been posed by thousands of o t h e r meditators. You'll find these questions addressed at many places along the way. D o n ' t feel embarrassed, dumb, or ignorant. We've all been there. MEDITATION 101 33 • S u p p o r t a n d e n c o u r a g e y o u . I'm w i t h you every step of the way, not only to answer your questions but also to supp o r t your efforts. I promise, I truly want to help you get where you want to go.

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