A Companion to Apollonius Rhodius (Mnemosyne, Bibliotheca by Theodore D. Papanghelis, Antonios Rengakos

By Theodore D. Papanghelis, Antonios Rengakos

This quantity on Appolonius of Rhodes, whose "Argonautica" is the only real full-length epic to outlive from the Hellenistic interval, contains articles through 14 students from throughout Europe and the United States. Their contributions hide a variety of matters from the heritage of the textual content and the issues of the poet's biography via questions of favor, literary strategy and intertextual kin to the epic's library and cultural reception. the purpose is to provide an overview of the scholarly dialogue in those components and supply a survey of developments in Apollonian stories.

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1187-97 P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. P. Oxy. 692 (2nd cent. ) Oxy. 2694 (2nd cent. ) Oxy. 2691 (1st cent. ) Oxy. 2694 (2nd cent. ), with marginalia Oxy. 2694 (2nd cent. ), with marginalia Oxy. 2694 verso (2nd cent. ) Berol. 17011 (4th/5th cent. ) Columb. inv. 437 (3rd cent. ) Columb. inv. 437 (3rd cent. ) Oxy. 2691 (1st cent. ) Oxy. 2701 (3rd cent. ) Oxy. 2701 (3rd cent. ). Bibliography on the papyri in Vian (1974a) LXXXVIII-XC, to be supplemented by the "Nachtrag" of Henrichs to P. Mil. 6 + P.

4422 (2nd/3rd cent. 1102 f.? 1261-74 GERSON SCHADE - PAOLO ELEUTERI P. Oxy. 2696 (2nd cent. ) PSI 1172 (1st cent. ) PSI 1172 (1st cent. ) P. Oxy. 2692 (1st cent. ) With regard to P. Oxy. 2700, Kingston (1968) 77 notes the strong similarity to PSI 1479: "I should say that 2700 and PSI 1479 are probably to be attributed to the same copyist (a definite statement to this effect is precluded by the small extent of PSI 1479) and may well have belonged to the same roll". According to U. Wartenberg (P.

A diligent doctoral student might complete this table and suggest OUTLINES OF APOLLONIAN SCHOLARSHIP I955~I999 23 a view that has not been put forth yet: it is indeed surprising that the majority of interpreters focus on one of the two stories and leave out the other, while others assume the chronological priority of Theocritus or Apollonius in both cases. g. Theocritus composed the Hylas story before Apollonius but Apollonius composed the Amykos story before Theocritus. This hypothetical combination, as well as its converse, could be supported with good arguments: for example, the Argonauts in Theocritus mock Herakles who looks for Hylas as kntovavx^c,, and it is said that he later reached the Colchians on foot; in Apollonius, on the other hand, the Argonauts do not notice Herakles' absence at first and then fight among themselves because of the hasty departure, but Herakles never rejoins them.

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