A Cup of Comfort Classic Edition: Stories That Warm Your by Colleen Sell

By Colleen Sell

No matter if you're a new Cup of Comfort reader or an avid follower of the sequence, you'll actually get pleasure from this up-to-date model of the booklet that begun all of it. A Cup of convenience vintage Edition revisits the tales that experience warmed thousands of hearts. Graced with numerous new relocating tales, this booklet can encourage you because it has those and lots of extra readers:

''When every little thing turns out loopy and adverse, those uplifting tales are any such welcome respite. everyone should still take a couple of minutes the following and there and browse the tales to remind themselves of the great within the world.''-Amy E. energetic, Cincinnati, Ohio

''The tales during this publication are so well performed, very uplifting and relocating with no being syrupy or sappy. a very encouraging read.''-Carman T., DeWitt, Michigan

''Thank you for accumulating such terrific, heart-warming tales for the 1st Cup of Comfort publication. . . . i used to be so enchanted with the book.''-Sarah Khan, Stoke-on-Trent, England

A Cup of convenience vintage Edition grants to convey you an identical inspirational heat all people has come to like.

Colleen Sell is the editor of greater than sixty released books, together with many titles within the Cup of Comfort sequence. She has additionally been an writer, ghostwriter, journal editor, journalist, columnist, essayist, and copywriter. She lives in Eugene, Oregon

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In 1967, as a veteran, not only would I not make the all stars, but I would not care about it. The revolutionary 1960s were swirling around me, offering an invitation to freedom, to experimentation, and to break away from the shackles of authority to boldly go my own way. I was poised for a summer of nothingness, happily wallowing in the idea of irresponsibility. That is, until I learned that my mother, in her infinite wisdom and foresight, had arranged for me to spend the summer mowing a fraternity lawn with her father—my grandfather, the ex-army officer.

Odds for his survival were nonexistent. Still, one day slipped into the next, and hope reached a tiny shoot toward the sun. All the while, the love of Brian’s life hung suspended in the balance. The warm light of young love had faded to the cold fluorescents of a hospital corridor. The gentle touch of a perfect romance had given way to the hard reality of an imperfect, burnscarred world. But as each difficult day unfolded, it became evident that there would be one certain survivor of this ordeal—the love between Brian and his fiancée, Haley.

Chelsey possessed the child’s knack of knowing a grandfather’s loving touch when she felt it. English was optional, bushels of love mandatory. After Dad escaped the hospital for the familiar and comfortable surroundings of his own home, the Grandpa/Chelsey comedy routine became a regular part of our visits. Both participants found it hilarious. They laughed every time they played the game, each trying to out-silly the other, the love shining brightly in their eyes. Watching the two of them together as both a father and a son, I realized I was living an experience that would stay with me forever, and a bittersweet blend of joy and sorrow overwhelmed me.

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