A General Model for Multivariate Analysis (International by Jeremy D Finn

By Jeremy D Finn

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Since the maximum value of x' Ax can become infinite, xis frequently restricted to having unit length; that is, x'x = 1. Let us introduce A. 1) The maximum value A. I)x = 0 The maximum A. and corresponding vector x are the non-null solutions of these equations. I is an identity matrix of order n. I and solve for x by premultiplying both sides of Eq. I)- 1 The only solution for x would then be x= 0. I is singular and cannot be inverted. rLA of Eq. 6 .. 'LS the a5s0ciated charagteristl9.

The essays chosen were typed, and averaged a little over half a page each in length. Each selected "What I think about" essay was paired with a single "My favorite school subject" essay, yielding four pairs. Though not randomly chosen, the four essays did represeni differing writing styles and qualities. Each pair of essays was sent to a fifth-grade teacher, accompanied by a cover letter providing him with systematic false information about the pupil who supposedly wrote both of the essays. The pupil was identified in terms of race (Negro-white), sex (male-female), and an achievement-ability rating that consisted of an IQ score and a report of the pupil's past achievement.

J-··~ .. - T= l vCI:"t · (Zero)] (Zero) \rd,:;, VCJ;;_ 0 It can easily be seen that TT' =D. , Fora general nxn symmetric matrix A, the computations are more complex. We sh~ll begin by allowing for a check on computational accuracy. To accomp_sh th1s, extend each column of A by adding an element - , n an+l,j =- L au i=l to the column. g_mputations upon column j are extended to operate upon this additional element. '" · · ··· ·· -- - .. ·--··---· ... .... -....

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