A Strategic Opening Repertoire by John Donaldson, Philip Peterson

By John Donaldson, Philip Peterson

This new version of A Strategic establishing Repertoire is either revised and elevated. The strains awarded right here – in response to 1. Nf3, 2.c4 and 3.g3 – will serve a participant good all through his profession as they're in keeping with stable positional rules with an emphasis on figuring out instead of memorizing.

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Nb4 . Qd4! BxdS Ne7 exf4 Qb6 A strong idea. The endgame is unpleasant for Black due to hi S weak pawn on d6. Chapter 59 6 20 ... Bd3 Qb3 Qe6 ! Qb4! QdS NeS Qe6 ! Short-Van der Wiel, Thessaloniki 1988. Qd4 ! [ Stopping . . Ng4 and intending to continue with Kbl , c3, a4, and Bb5] would have given White a great advantage. c3? and all of a sudden Black was right back in the game after 27 . . Ng4! Rd2 Rxc3+! Bc2 Qxa3+! Rhfl ReS also gives Black plenty of play] 28 . . Rd2 Qe7 ! [Intending to play .

Be6? Bxd5 ! which would leave White with an extra pawn. Qh5+ fails to l l . . Kd7 when Black should win. 1 0 ... RxeS+ Be7! It's easy for Black to g o wrong: 1 1 . . Kf7?? [ 1 1 . . fxe5? 1 2 . Rxd5 ! Bxd5+ leaves White with a decisive advantage in material. RxdS ! Making the most of a bad situation. 1 2 . Bh6 Bf6 is worse. 1 2 ... Rxd8+ Bxd8 with an exchange for a pawn, Black has all the winning chances. D. Bg5 DeS Also playable is 7 . . Rad 1 Black gets a good game with 1 0 . . d4] 8 .

Nxb5 then 1 6 . . Rab8 (not 1 6 . . Qxa6 Qxc3 and Black has the advantage due to his Bishop pair] . Nc2, Anand-Tiviakov, Oakham 1 990 was agreed drawn. Play might have continued 1 6 . . Qb7 [The immediate 1 6 . . Rxe3 when 19 . . exd5 with a completely equal position. Analysis by Tiviakov. Nbc3 Kh8 1 1 . . Be6!? is possible. h4 ! 0-0 g6 i s often quoted as equal and though I am not denying it here, I would love to see this assessment proved in actual play. 1 1 ... g4 Bh6 Bf4 ? V an der Wiel gives 1 3 .

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