A user's guide to spectral sequences by John McCleary

By John McCleary

Spectral sequences are one of the so much based and strong equipment of computation in arithmetic. This publication describes probably the most vital examples of spectral sequences and a few in their such a lot extraordinary purposes. the 1st half treats the algebraic foundations for this kind of homological algebra, ranging from casual calculations. the guts of the textual content is an exposition of the classical examples from homotopy idea, with chapters at the Leray-Serre spectral series, the Eilenberg-Moore spectral series, the Adams spectral series, and, during this re-creation, the Bockstein spectral series. The final a part of the booklet treats purposes all through arithmetic, together with the speculation of knots and hyperlinks, algebraic geometry, differential geometry and algebra. this is often a good reference for college students and researchers in geometry, topology, and algebra.

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Suppose {Er∗,∗ , dr } is a first quadrant spectral sequence, of cohomological type over Z, associated to an bounded filtration, and converging to H ∗ . If the E2 -term is given by E2p,q = Z/2Z, if (p, q) = (0, 0), (0, 4), (2, 3), (3, 2) or (6, 0), {0}, elsewhere, then determine all possible candidates for H ∗ . 7. Suppose (A, d) is a differential graded vector space over k , a field. Let B ∗ be the graded vector space, B n = im(d : An−1 → An ). Show that P (H(A∗ , d), t) = P (A∗ , t) − (1 + t)P (B ∗ , t).

A class [u] is in ker ir−1 if and only if u is in F p Ap+q and u is a boundary in F p−r+1 Ap+q . Then u lies in F p Ap+q ∩ d(F p−r+1 Ap+q−1 ) = Brp,q . Since j assigns to a class in H p+q (F p A) its relative class modulo F p+1 A, we deduce that p,q j(ker ir−1 ) = Br−1 /F p+1 Ap+q . 44 2. What is a spectral sequence? p+1,q−1 By definition Zr−1 ⊂ F p+1 Ap+q and so we have −1 r−1 Erp,q = k (im i ) j(ker ir−1 ) p,q p+1 p+q A = Zr /F Brp,q /F p+1 Ap+q p,q p+1 p+q A p,q p+1,q−1 = Zr /F (Br−1 + Zr−1 )/F p+1 Ap+q p,q ∼ p+1,q−1 p,q .

16Z ⊂ 8Z ⊂ 4Z ⊂ 2Z ⊂ Z ⊂ Z ⊂ · · · ⊂ Z. We can collapse a filtered module to its associated graded module, E0∗ (A) given by E0p (A) = F p A/F p+1 A, when F is decreasing, F p A/F p−1 A, when F is increasing. In the example above, E0p (Z) = {0} if p < 0 and E0p (Z) ∼ = Z/2Z if p ≥ 0. 32 2. What is a spectral sequence? ˆ 2 = lim Z/ s has a decreasing filtration given by The 2-adic integers, Z 2 Z ←s ˆ 2 = ker(Z ˆ 2 → Z/ p ) F pZ 2 Z pˆ ˆ ˆ 2 → Z/ p give for p > 0 and F Z2 = Z2 for p ≤ 0. The projections φp : Z 2 Z rise to short exact sequences φp ×2p ˆ 2 −→ Z/ p → 0 ˆ 2 −−→ Z 0→Z 2 Z ˆ 2 ) = {0} if p < 0 and so we obtain the same associated graded module, E0p (Z p ˆ ˆ 2) ∼ and E0p (Z ˆ2 ∼ = 2 Z2 /2p+1 Z = Z/2Z if p ≥ 0.

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