Absorption: Human Nature and Buddhist Liberation by Johannes Bronkhorst

By Johannes Bronkhorst

This booklet argues for the vital function performed by means of absorption within the functioning of the human brain. the significance of absorption makes itself felt in numerous methods; the 2 stories mixed during this e-book pay attention to of them. the 1st research, The Symbolic brain, argues that, principally due to language acquisition, people have degrees of cognition, which in general conditions are concurrently lively. Absorption is a (or the) skill to avoid a few, might be all, of the institutions that signify this kind of degrees of cognition, leading to what's occasionally known as mystical event, yet which isn't restrained to mysticism and performs a job in quite a few "religious" phenomena, and in different places. within the moment examine, The Psychology of the Buddha, Prof. Bronkhorst offers a theoretical context for the commentary that absorption is a resource of delight, grapples with Freud, and illustrates his observations via translations of old Buddhist texts from the Pali and Sanskrit languages together with his mental observation. Johannes Bronkhorst is emeritus professor of Sanskrit and Indian stories on the college of Lausanne. He has released greatly within the background of Indian non secular, philosophical and medical inspiration, and in non secular reports mostly. between his fresh books: better Magadha (2007), Aux origines de los angeles philosophie indienne (2008), Buddhist instructing in India (2009), Buddhism within the Shadow of Brahmanism (2011), Karma (2011).

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Elsewhere he explains the word puer 'boy': "Puer ('boy:) signi­ fies purus ('pure') ". 63 An example from ethnographic records is the following: Among the inhabitants ofthe Trobriand islands the word vatuvi occurs in a magical formula. 64 This word has no gram� atical form; it is neither noun nor verb. Malinowski ( 1 935: II: 249, c£ p. 260-6 1 ) observed : "the real etymological identity of this word will define it as connected with vitawo, or the prefix vitu-, and the word vituvatu, 'to institute: 'to set up', 'to direct', 'to show'.

We are less tolerant with respect to adults who do so ; the person who interprets the word contentment as "being content with men" or with tea (content-men-t) , is perhaps rightly diagnosed as schizophrenic by modern investigators. 5 8 And yet semantic etymologies are wide-spread in all pre­ modern cultures. Here are some examples: In the Sumerian myth of Enki and Ninhursag the former is cured when Ninhursag causes deities to be born corresponding to Enki's sick members: "The correspondence between the sick member and the healing deity rests on the [ ...

Also Lewis-Williams. 20 10: 140 ff) speak of a "spectrum of consciousness" and mention in­ tense concentration as one of the factors that intensify its introverted end; "religious experience is. in the first instance. a result of taking the introverted end of the spectrum at face value - within a given cultural context" (p. 5 5 ) . 31 ABSORPTION, PART I: THE SYMBOLIC MIND las. g. 1 984; 1 985; 2006), has drawn attention to the fact that mantras, when used as mantras, do not express meaning, at least not in the ordinary way.

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