Ai Weiwei's Blog (Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, by Lee Ambrozy, Ai Weiwei

By Lee Ambrozy, Ai Weiwei

Manifestos and conceited proposals from China's most renowned artist and activist, culled from his renowned web publication, close down by means of chinese language experts in 2009.

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Best art books

Building Military Dioramas, Volume 3

Our quantity III of our development army Dioramas sequence brings one other forty eight pages loaded with greater than eighty five complete colour photos masking the subsequent breathtaking dioramas from vice chairman Studios:

-The seashore, that includes the LVT-4 with complete inside from VP
-Achtung Tiefflieger! , A ready-made diorama base from VP
-Atlantik Wall I: Concrete Gun Emplacement
-The Crossing, that includes the hot U. S. Pontoon bridge from VP
-Shadows of the earlier: Germany, early 1945
-No manner Out, a Sherman tank diorama by way of younger Jin Won
-Atlantik Wall II: Gun & commentary Post
-Streetfighters: conflict for a German city, 1945

Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art

The knowledge and delight of a piece of paintings relies as a lot at the tale it depicts as at the artist's execution of it. yet what have been as soon as biblical or classical commonplaces usually are not so effortlessly recognizable this present day. This booklet relates in a succinct and readable manner the subjects, sacred and secular, on which the repertoire of Western artwork is predicated.

50 mosaic murals decorative mosaic art for the home

Книга содержит советы и рекомендации по работе с мозаикой в интерьере: в кухне, ванной, детской. Представлены 50 проектов с подробными схемами и иллюстрациями.

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We cannot avoid discovering cognition, just as we cannot avoid the actuality of our own existence. Our dreams are composed of realistic limitations on life and the eager impulse to surmount these limitations. These impulses and the efforts expended working toward this goal are the pleasures of life. Humans are destined to be narrow-minded empiricists, animals who have renounced a natural state. From among every possible path, humans have chosen the longest and most remote path leading to the self.

They aren’t attached to their homes, villages, or cities, and they become strangers in permanent exile. News of N Town emanates without pause from a central city plaza designed by Mr. M. Surrounded by sumptuous commercial centers, his enormous new plaza is the favored destination for urban residents enjoying relaxing strolls. Beneath the gently flapping flags, an ingeniously crafted musical fountain graces a marble-lined pool, where films are projected onto a screen of falling water. Mr. M’s design is unlike the rest of N Town, it appears to be at the cutting edge of style, is novel and unique, and has a festive lavishness that adds a light touch to this otherwise outmoded, degenerate place.

1987. With Regard to Architecture Posted on January 22, 2006 Architecture has always been, and will always be, one of humanity’s fundamental activities. This basic activity has moved, and always will move, in tandem with humanity’s basic needs for survival. The essence of architecture lies in the search to satisfy the demands for human survival and in transforming people’s life state. This could be a demand for safety, comfort, desire, or individualization. Similarly, this could be a demand to display one’s power, pursue one’s will, express a fear of god, or manifest one’s morals.

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