Algebraic Topology and Transformation Groups: Proceedings of by Stefan Bauer (auth.), Tammo tom Dieck (eds.)

By Stefan Bauer (auth.), Tammo tom Dieck (eds.)

Contents: S. Bauer: The homotopy kind of a 4-manifold with finite basic group.- C.-F. Bödigheimer, F.R. Cohen: Rational cohomology of configuration areas of surfaces.- G. Dylawerski: An S1 -degree and S1 -maps among illustration spheres.- R. Lee, S.H. Weintraub: On convinced Siegel modular forms of genus and degrees above two.- L.G. Lewis, Jr.: The RO(G)-graded equivariant usual cohomology of complicated projective areas with linear /p actions.- W. Lück: The equivariant degree.- W. Lück, A. Ranicki: surgical procedure transfer.- R.J. Milgram: a few comments at the Kirby - Siebenmann class.- D. Notbohm: The fixed-point conjecture for p-toral groups.- V. Puppe: easily attached manifolds with out S1-symmetry.- P. Vogel: 2 x 2 - matrices and alertness to hyperlink concept.

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H) For any Mackey functor M and any abelian group B, the Mackey functor M ® B has value M ( G / H ) ® B for the orbit G / H and the obvious restriction, transfer, and action by G. If M* is an RO(G)-graded G-Mackey functor and B* is a Z-graded abelian group, then M* ® B* is the RO(G)-graded G-Mackey functor defined by (M*® B*) c~ = ~ M z ® B '~. /~+n=a If a CW complex Y with cells only in even dimensions is regarded as a G-space by assigning it the trivial G-action, then there is an isomorphism of RO(G)-graded Mackey functors ~ ~H*S o ® H * ( Y ; 77) H e* Y = which preserves cup products.

G. Let An element ates on such above). 2, of and The 3. ,r3. The first the symbols by permuting p, the q, as follows: factor and operr (as subscripts I, 37 If A1 and action, this A2 are then two MA1 and subgroups MA2 of are G equivalent equivalent as under complex algebraic varieties. Proof. The action automorphlsm of giving an of E3 X0 = ~ action of on V permuting the first may be realized by the unique O, factor I, on and ~ as specified, X O x X 0 × X0, and the second factor acts on this product by permuting the factors.

Amer. Math. Soc. IN] Mumford, D. Stability of projective varieties, L'Enseignement Math. 23 (1977), 39-110. groups, Yale University Louisiana State University and Universit~t GSttingen T H E R O ( G ) - G R A D E D EQUIVARIANT ORDINARY C O H O M O L O G Y OF COMPLEX P R O J E C T I V E SPACES W I T H LINEAR 2[/p ACTIONS L. Gaunce Lewis, Jr. I N T R O D U C T I O N . If X is a CW complex with cells only in even dimensions and R is a ring, then, by an elementary result in cellular cohomology theory, the ordinary eohomology H*(X;R) of X with R coefficients is a free, 7/-graded R-module.

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